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Mary Broadcast

About the single BASTILLE

On May 28, 2021, the indie label Between Music will release „Bastille“. The song will be the third single from Mary Broadcast’s concept EP PANIC, a cycle of six songs and six videos. „Bastille“ is an ode to true love, a multi-layered song about the old adage that opposites attract and about how love knows how to merge two people. 

For the EP, the band leader and guitarist has created an art figure who processes her experiences. Aver is the name of the protagonist of the stories in the songs and the corresponding videos. After the breakdown in the first single „Panic“ („Oh my god it’s over now“) and the lonely Aver, that loses herself in the vastness of the Internet in the second single „Zone 4″(„Here I am, I’m naked“), she now meets her great love. The lovers ignore their enormous differences and instead try to come to terms with their differences. As different as they are, they need each other, and eventually merge finally into one person. The never-boring message: love conquers all. Love is the strongest force. With rousing sound it is proclaimed: „You’re Bastille is my Bastille“. 

The music of the upcoming EP PANIC could be compared to the sound of other female artists like PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Anna Calvi, Nadine Sha or Florence + the Maschine.